Five on Friday ~ Adelaide photographer ~ Melissa Alagich Photography

oops – missed a couple weeks…I’ll pretend like it didn’t happen 🙂


1. OMG my BABY is THREE….THREE. My baby is three. Did I say my that my BABY is THREE. Seriously clichéd I know ~ but I have to say it “they grow up so quickly”

kids photographer Adelaide, Melissa Alagich Photography

2. I rocked it out with my sister and a few girlfriends at the P!NK concert on Tuesday night – she is totally and utterly AWESOME. She’s the whole shebang and more 🙂 I saw her last time she was in Australia and both times the concerts were fabulous.

3. I finally bit the bullet and got myself a housecleaner. I feel like a huge weight was lifted from me and not to mention our house is so clean. She is awesome. It’s just once a month but I know it’s going to be one of the best decisions I’ve made – who would have thought something like that can make me feel so free 😉 I should have done it a long time ago I think.

4. I have ordered myself (finally) a huge 42×28 inch canvas of my boys for our lounge room wall. I can’t wait to get it.I’ll post a pic once it’s up.

5. A few more hours and schools out yet again….JULY HOLIDAYS…. I’m pretty sure if the rain stays around we’ll be seeing a few movies, building lego, catching the train to the city, craft, cooking, bike rides (maybe in the rain :)), catch up with friends and I might even try to sneak a few photos along the way. I’d love to hear some school holiday plans/activities