Christmas mini sessions

Wow! My very first Christmas mini sessions were a hit. Over the years I had contemplated doing them but time got the better of me. This year I decided early that I would do it (it takes far more planning that you may think).. and glad I did. So many return clients joined in the festive fun and lots of new faces too.

Christmas mini sessions are far different from my normal sessions. They are themed ~ everything Christmas. They are quick ~ 15-20 minutes. And lots in one day ~ 10-12 per day. The photos are viewed & downloaded online within the week. All of this allows me to make Christmas mini sessions affordable so you can update photos of your children/family enjoying the Christmas spirit.

There’s also the chance to add specialised Christmas ornaments and products to create unique and individualised Christmas themed gifts.

This year I chose just one weekend for my Christmas mini sessions. Well a Friday and Saturday to be exact. I wasn’t sure how it would go or how easy it would be. I won’t lie, I’m not getting any younger and was a wee bit tired by the end of the days 🙂 But I really enjoyed it.  The Saturday that was opened sold out pretty quickly and then I decided to open some dates on the Sunday too. Next year maybe I will contemplate a couple of weekends.

Anyway here’s a snippet of some of the Christmas mini sessions.  Enjoy.

Thank you once again to all the families who came along for the Christmas mini sessions. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the themed backdrop and their photos from the session.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays