Five on Friday ~ Adelaide photographer ~ Melissa Alagich Photography


1. Oh my I only realised yesterday that I forgot to post last weeks Five on Friday. I’m not considering it a fail but a lesson learned …. Improve my reminder system (well don’t rely on my brain…it’s getting rather crammed these days)

2. I hope all the wonderful, super dooper mums had a fabulous Mother’s day. And I hope those whose mum’s are no longer with us, shared a quiet, reflective moment to remember why they were so special.

3. Eeek the cold rainy weather is starting to kick in (ugg boots out, slow cooker on, bread baking, the smell of wet socks, boys and muddy soccer clothes…. 😉 )

4. My two year old has returned to his nudist ways. I thought it was a summer time thing but …. NO … I round the corner or come down the stairs to find him starkers yet again and to have him squeal in delight “he heeee nudie mummy”.  Times this by 2 or 3 each day.

5. I’m currently updating my website galleries …. pop on over and have a look, check out some new images

Until next week…..enjoy, stay warm, not smelly and watch out for those little nudists