Photo a day ~ January 2013

{Personal Project}

Well I’m excited it’s here again….and I’m even more exited to be sharing with you on my blog.

I loved every moment of last year’s project and recently I printed a keepsake book of the project (finally after 10 months). And I must say to have a book of these precious memories is wonderful.
We gave it as a gift at Christmas to the grandparents and they just LOVED it (there were even some tears).

I hope you enjoy and follow along again. I had so much beautiful feedback last year. I hope some of you are doing a similar project too 🙂

So today ..Day 1…. as most on New Year’s Day it was a pretty relaxed affair. Took the Christmas tree down, played with new toys, ate more nice food and of course the afternoon ritual of the past week…..jump in the pool (wading pool).
The boys continue their wrestling, loud, raucous, playful, energetic play even while in the pool but of course you can see they have a ball.  My eldest and youngest here playing catch/dive – they play so well together, teaching each other new things (good and bad 😉 )

Enjoy ~ I hope you all had a wonderful New Year celebration and relaxing January 1.

Melissa x