Photo a day ~ January 25, 2013

{Personal project for the month of January ~ documenting the ones I love with a photo a day for the entire month of January}

Tour Down Under – BUPA Challenge

Richie and dad did the Tour Down Under ride today. Richie’s fourth year, dad’s second. Richie rode 137km, he rode from home and then did the 127km ride and dad did the 92km ride (not bad for a 60 year old!)

Richie ~ 137km, 5hrs 30min (and freakishly did his training in the month of January, only clocking up just over 200km in training time)

Dad ~ 96km total, 3hrs 39min (and not too much training time, luckily he had a trip to France last year where he practised cycling……. from winery to winery)

Lots of calories burnt and a few beers to replenish.

Well done boys – we are all very proud of you. I was tired just being up that early 😉 Oh and I’m glad you both look good in your lycra.

Mwah xx