Photo a day ~ January 4, 2014

{Personal project for the month of January ~ documenting the ones I love for the entire month of January)

Well ridiculously hot here in Adelaide today. Only about 1 degree off our hottest day on record.

No big SLR’s out in the heat and pool today ~ I wasn’t going to be watching my gear I was more worried about spending time in the water keeping cool. So it’s my trusty point and shoot that must be about 8 years old (time I upgraded I think).

We headed for Waterworld and spent about 5 hours in the water. At one stage the thermometer at the pool read 46 degrees (about 115 fahrenheit for my US friends). Needless today we are all very water logged. Spent the day with the cousins and a friend.

Hubby and I are about to finish the day with a caprioska