Photo a day | January 4, 2015

Family movie day….

Anyone with three children or more will know how much tougher, stronger willed, determined and grown up the ‘baby’ of them all seems to be. Needless to say they also seem to do things way earlier than you would have with the others (at least that’s how it seems to me)

I wasn’t sure if the youngest should come to the cinema to see Night at the Museum 3 (although he has seen most of the first two on dvd). The cinema can be alot louder and scarier than on the TV. Of course he thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s funny though I probably never would have let the older two see the same movie at the cinema at the same age. I guess there’s lots of things he does that the others would never have done at similar ages….

And for all you camera geeks (sorry enthusiasts 😉 ) taken at ISO 8000, nothing like cranking the camera


melissa Alagich Photography, ADelaide Photographer