Pre Session Preparation


I find the most commonly asked question and worry for parents for a family sessions is – What do we wear?

So I’ll give you my best tips here and point you in the direction of a Pinterest board I’ve created just to help you out. Remember I want this to be as easy as possible and I want you to love the end results so always just ask if you are not sure.

Best results are when you choose a few colours you like and work with them. Choose a style that suits your family and your home. I’m all about simplicity and the same goes with fashion. Being fashionable is great but keep it on the simple side for your photos. Remember we want these memories to look gorgeous on your wall in 20 years time. Textures and layers can look great and add some depth to the portraits. My tip here is to keep the layering to just a few of you rather than all of you.

It’s best to avoid big large logos and too many patterns. Don’t be afraid of patterned outfits just make sure you have some other plain outfits to counter balance.

Shoes can be important for the session too. Avoid the bright coloured sneakers (as on trend as they maybe). Somewhere like the beach you can opt for thongs, a simple sandal or bare feet, other cheap options for sessions and children are the canvas style shoes you can pick up just about anywhere without spending too much money (usually available in navy, earth tones, black and white).

Things to remember:

  • Avoid matchy matchy outfits, we are all unique after all
  • Avoid big distracting logos
  • Layers can add some depth and look great (but maybe not for everyone)
  • If you choose a bold colour to feature, there should be less of it across the entire family
  • If you have some patterned outfits make sure there are a few solid colours to balance it out
  • Suitable footwear if we are in nature
  • Always feel free to send me a pic of what you are planning to wear or if you cant decide. (email or phone)

Good places to shop for kids:

  • Seed
  • Myer
  • Zara
  • Target
  • Cotton on

And this HERE will be a huge help. To help you visually and give you ideas here’s my Pinterest board with lots of ideas and colours. Pinterest what to wear board

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I want your session to be a fun family experience together.

As a mum of three boys, I know children can be unpredictable and I know you’ll want your session to be perfect. But don’t stress, I’m ready for anything and they are who they are! Sometime these can be the special moments to capture. I have games up my sleeve, I can be a little loud and crazy to get their attention, I’ve also been known to race or play chasey on the beach (a workout for sure… but if it means I get their trust and some great photos it’s worth it) And if they are a little shy or reserved I can also know what to do there too. Obviously there will be the odd time they may not wish to cooperate I will not force them or push to hard but we usually get around them. We want to make it a fun family experience. So it’s more about the fun and games and maybe having an adventure that the actual photos. I want them to leave feeling like they had a fun day out and want to hang out with me again.

Things to remember:

  • I’m a mum and know children can be unpredictable
  • It’s about you guys having fun as a family
  • Let’s relax a little on their behaviour and I’ll see if I can get them under my spell (unless of course they are putting themselves in danger or I need your assistance)
  • Bribes are great if they understand but let’s hold off on cakes, lollies, food in general until after the session (nothing worse than red dribble or a great family photo but a child still with food in their mouth). I may tell them you’ll buy them ice-cream later (oops sorry but it works a treat! Of course, let me know if you object to ice-cream)
  • Water – bring your water though, sometimes it’s a nice little break particularly if it’s warm
  • A favourite toy, teddy or book can sometimes be useful. Like with clothing think whether it will go with the family photos (just in case the child wants it in photos – so a natural colour teddy or a wooden toy or book would be best options)
  • Be prepared for some fun and a little crazy, some tickles and maybe a tackle or two (hopefully gentle)

And always remember… Keep the end result in mind! 

Where do you want to display your photos? 

What is your style and colour of the decor in your home?

How do you want to feel about your portraits in 10 years?