Putting Fun Into Family Photography

… with one of Adelaide’s most trusted family photographer. I always enjoy going through the checkered images in old family photo albums, all with faded colour and horrendous hair styles! As kids we used to spend hours poring over holiday snaps and polaroid shots of us as babies and those family photography portraits taken at weddings and gatherings with everyone in their Sunday best, smiling on queue!

Seeing these family portraits on the walls of my parents’ home has always given me a feeling of warmth, reminding me of the value of family and my place in mine.

That is why Family Photography is so special to me, where my camera captures a moment in time for a family, reflecting their special bond regardless of how each person will grow and change.

YES! This is me in my 80’s glory with my siblings

Family photography has come a long way in past decades and for that I am very grateful! The stiff portraits of my grandparent’s era are in stark contrast to the candid shots of the 70’s and 80’s, but where it seems family photographs were taken as a means of record keeping rather than as an attempt to capture the emotional connection between the subjects.

And me again, with what my boys will say is my mullet 80’s hair do!

The idea of getting the family together, in one place at one time and all in the right frame of mind can be a daunting prospect for parents. Toddlers can be contrary at exactly the wrong moment and teenagers might find the notion of family snaps so tedious (yawn!). Rest assured your family photographer will have the tried and tested strategies for capturing natural, genuine photographs of your family bond.

Working with families doing photoshoots in Adelaide has led me to some stunning locations, where families feel comfortable during their family photography session and where my lens can take best advantage of light, mood and colour. When you book in for your family portraits I’ll provide tips to ensure happy family time and best results for your family photo session.

Adelaide Family Photography

Taking the time to capture high quality images of your family is a way to preserve the little faces who seem to change overnight. Your newborn will develop new expressions every day, your toddler will display personality traits while they explore the world and change hour by hour as they continue life’s journey. It is when I go back to my own family photographs that I remember the feelings and marvel at the changes in our lives, with floods of gratitude for those people big and small that I love best.

M x