Five on Friday ~ Adelaide photographer ~ Melissa Alagich Photography

Five on Friday

Welcome to my new weekly blog post (lets see how I do keeping it up). Here I will mix business with pleasure. I will randomly give you five facts about my week, sometimes business, sometimes family, sometimes a little more about me, sometimes images….Please feel free to comment, let me know if you like this idea or want to know more. Always love hearing from you all.

Here I go:

  1. Wishing my brother all the best at the National Athletics Championships in Sydney today……he’s currently competing in day 2 of the decathlon (yes…that’s 10 events – crazy right?). Good luck – we’d love for all your hard work and dedication to pay off and see you take the title of national ‘champion’ three years in a row!
  2. It’s been a super busy week for me, two early babes meant a few extra sessions earlier than expected. I guess that comes with the territory 🙂 And a week of family events with my sister-in-law visiting from Sydney – my boys have loved having her here (wish we saw her more often).
  3. I’m thinking it’s time for me to get in front of the camera and get snapped with my gorgeous boys (I haven’t decided how I will do this yet – I usually love to take my own but then to include myself is a little bit hard. I’ll either set up the camera and get one of my trusting family members to shoot under my direction, of course 😉 or use the talents of another local photographer)…hmmm but I should decide soon before my boys grow up before my eyes. And i need to take advantage of this beautiful weather as winter will be here in 6 or 7 weeks (can you believe it? as I sit here in shorts and a t-shirt on this glorious April day)
  4. As some of you may know our house revolves around football (soccer), football and oh a bit more football… the only news I know of today is that the Liverpool game in Melbourne (to be played in July) sold out to a crowd of about 90,000 – apparently 33,000 tickets sold in 33 minutes. I didn’t see or hear any other real news but I do know that 🙂
  5. So that brings us to five…..SCHOOL’S OUT…..enjoy the holidays y’all…and embrace the craziness that comes with it.